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Step into the realm of exclusivity with our coveted Mini Kelly in 'Vert d'eau' alligator leather, boasting a luxurious Nata interior and exquisite Permabrass hardware. This masterpiece represents the epitome of rarity, meticulously handcrafted in limited quantities, making each piece a treasured find.


Each detail reflects the dedication to craftsmanship and refinement. With only a select few in existence, owning this Mini Kelly is an invitation to an exclusive world of timeless allure and prestige, where rarity meets unparalleled beauty.

Mini Kelly Alligator Vert d'eau & Nata

58 000,00€Цена
  • Color :  Vert d'Eau and Nata 

    Material : Alligator  

    Dimensions :  20 x 12 x 6 cm

    Country of origin : Made in France 

    Year of production :  2023, stamped B

    Condition :  Mint condition. Bought in December, It has never been worn, all protective plastics are still in place.

    Shipping : Worldwild 

    Included : Hermès box, protective bag, original invoice, padlock and keys, bell, booklet, ribbon.

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