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The Hermès Kelly 25 in Gold Epsom leather with Gold Hardware stands as a pinnacle of luxury and craftsmanship. Revered for its exquisite construction and iconic design, this handbag represents the epitome of elegance and a deep heritage of artisanal excellence. Its compact size and vibrant yet sophisticated color make it a perfect complement to any wardrobe, embodying versatility and timeless style.

Design & Craftsmanship

  • Material: Crafted from Epsom leather, this handbag is celebrated for its textured, grainy appearance that not only enhances its aesthetic appeal but also contributes to its durability and scratch resistance. Epsom leather ensures the bag retains its shape over time, offering a perfect balance of beauty and functionality.
  • Color: The color "Gold" is not merely a hue but a statement of sophistication. It's a rich and warm shade that straddles the line between a luxurious brown and a subtle tan, adaptable to all seasons and occasions.
  • Hardware: Complemented with Gold Hardware, each metal component, including the iconic turn-lock closure, keys, padlock, and protective feet, shines with an elegant lustre that perfectly accents the leather's rich color.
  • Size: The Kelly 25, with dimensions centered around its 25cm width, is designed for the modern woman. It offers enough space for essentials while maintaining a delicate, manageable size for any setting.

Interior & Functionality

  • Compartments: The interior, lined in leather matching the exterior, includes one main compartment alongside one zip pocket and one open slip pocket, allowing for organized and secure storage of personal items.
  • Closure: Features a flap-top with a secure and iconic turn-lock closure, ensuring ease of access while keeping belongings safely enclosed.
  • Handles and Strap: It comes with a single rolled leather handle and an additional detachable shoulder strap, offering versatility in carrying options—elegantly by hand, on the arm, or over the shoulder.

Uniqueness & Prestige

  • Exclusivity: The Kelly 25 in this configuration is a testament to exclusivity, reflecting a blend of fashion insight and the luxury of personal choice. Its allure lies in its rare color and hardware combination, coveted by aficionados and collectors worldwide.
  • Heritage: Bearing the name of Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco, this bag carries with it a legacy of elegance and high society, each stitch and fold a testament to the unparalleled skill of Hermès artisans.

Packaging & Presentation

  • Box and Dust Bag: Delivered in the signature Hermès orange box with a protective dust bag, unboxing a Kelly is an experience of luxury unto itself, setting the stage for the craftsmanship and beauty contained within.
  • Authenticity: Accompanied by a raincoat, clochette, lock, two keys, and a felt protector. The package may also include an authenticity card and a care booklet, ensuring the owner can maintain the bag's exquisite condition.


16 000,00€Цена
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