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The Birkin 25 Touch Beton PHW embodies the pinnacle of luxury and craftsmanship, a testament to the enduring legacy and artistry of Hermès. This exquisite piece is a harmonious blend of functionality, elegance, and timeless design, making it a coveted accessory among connoisseurs of luxury fashion worldwide.

Design and Aesthetics

  • Size and Structure: The compact dimensions of the Birkin 25 make it an ideal companion for both day-to-night transitions, offering enough space for essentials without compromising on style. Its structured form exudes sophistication, maintaining its iconic shape over time.
  • Color and Material: The "Beton" color, a refined shade of off-white with gray undertones, brings an air of understated elegance to the bag. The "Touch" variant features a luxurious combination of materials, with the body of the bag crafted in Epsom leather known for its grain, durability, and scratch resistance, while the flap, handles, and strap accents are adorned in exquisite crocodile leather, adding a tactile and visual contrast that enhances its allure.
  • Hardware: Accentuated with Palladium Hardware (PHW), the Birkin 25 Touch features metallic elements including its iconic turn-lock closure, keys, padlock, and base studs in palladium. This metal, known for its lustrous, silver-white appearance, adds a contemporary touch to the bag's classic design.

Functionality and Craftsmanship

  • Interior: The Birkin 25 Touch Beton opens to a leather-lined interior, offering an organized space with a main compartment ample enough for daily essentials, complemented by a flat pocket for storing smaller items. The meticulous construction ensures durability and longevity, making it not just a bag, but a legacy.
  • Usability: Equipped with dual rolled leather handles and a turn-lock closure, this Birkin is designed for versatility and security. The bag can be carried by hand or on the crook of the arm, ideal for various occasions, from formal events to casual outings.
  • Craftsmanship: Each Birkin is a masterpiece, the result of countless hours of work by skilled artisans. From the precise cutting of the leather to the flawless stitching and placement of the hardware, every detail reflects Hermès’ commitment to excellence.

Exclusivity and Value

  • Heritage: The Birkin bag, named after actress and singer Jane Birkin, represents a storied tradition of luxury and exclusivity. The Birkin 25 Touch Beton PHW, with its unique combination of materials and color, is a modern interpretation of this legacy.
  • Investment: Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the Birkin is an investment in craftsmanship and heritage. Its value is not only in its materials or the name it bears but in the timeless design and the joy it brings to those who possess it.


28 000,00€Цена
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