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Discover timeless excellence with our iconic Hermès Birkin 25, a centerpiece of luxury leather goods, now available in the rich Gold color complemented by the texture of Togo leather. Designed for connoisseurs of elegance, this Birkin bag embodies the quintessence of Hermès craftsmanship, combining refined aesthetics with unparalleled functionality.


Materials and Craftsmanship

  • Togo Leather: Chosen for its fine texture and exceptional durability, Togo leather is slightly grained, offering a sensual touch and a subtle sheen that enhances the Gold hue. Its durability ensures that the bag maintains its shape and prestigious look over time.
  • Gold Hardware (GHW): The golden metallic accents, from the emblematic lock to the delicately crafted protective feet, add a dimension of luxury and brilliance, creating a striking contrast with the Gold leather.

Design and Features

  • Perfect Size: With its elegant dimensions (25 cm in length), this Birkin is ideal for everyday use, capable of accommodating your essentials with ease while maintaining a compact and refined silhouette.
  • Exquisite Finishes: Every detail reflects Hermès's commitment to excellence, from the hand-stitched seams showcasing unparalleled craftsmanship, to the carefully designed closure for optimum security and a sleek aesthetic.
  • Unmatched Versatility: Thanks to its sturdy handles and iconic design, this Birkin is suited for all occasions, from business meetings to elegant evenings, embodying an elegance that transcends trends.


Sustainable Investment Acquiring a Hermès Birkin 25 in Gold Togo with gold hardware is to choose a sustainable investment in quality and style. Not only does it represent a legacy of fashion, but it also promises to retain, or even increase, its value over time.

We invite you to discover this masterpiece of craftsmanship, a symbol of elegance and distinction. For more information or to schedule a private consultation, please do not hesitate to contact us. Welcome to the world of luxury with GaiaLux.


17 000,00€Цена
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