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Design and Style

  • Model: Birkin 35, renowned for its iconic silhouette and sophisticated presence, offering enhanced capacity ideal for extended daily use or as an elegant travel companion.
  • Color: Timeless black, a symbol of universal elegance, capable of complementing any color palette or wardrobe style, from professional outfits to evening attire.
  • Hardware: In palladium, providing a striking contrast to the black leather, including the iconic Hermès padlock, keys elegantly concealed under a leather clochette, and metallic details adorning the straps and flap for a refined finish.


  • Togo Leather: Selected for its distinctive texture and robustness, Togo leather is famed for its scratch resistance and graceful aging, ensuring the bag's longevity without compromising its luxurious appeal.


  • Size: 35 cm in length, offering ample space for essentials and more, making this bag perfect for those who prefer to carry a bit more than the bare necessities.
  • Interior: The spacious interior is lined with leather of the same quality, equipped with zip and open pockets for easy and secure organization of personal and professional items.


  • Artistry: Hermès's excellence in craftsmanship is evident in every detail of the Birkin 35, with hours of dedicated work by highly skilled artisans, guaranteeing an impeccably crafted piece.
  • Authenticity: Each bag carries the assurance of its authenticity, notably through a unique serial number, attesting to its origin and belonging to the Hermès luxury heritage.

Value and Exclusivity

  • Investment: The Birkin 35 is considered not just an exceptional fashion accessory but also a valuable investment, with its value tending to be maintained or increase over time.
  • Exclusivity: Its limited availability, accentuated by high global demand, confers on the Birkin 35 a highly exclusive status and coveted among luxury connoisseurs and collectors worldwide.


17.500,00 €Preis
exkl. MwSt.
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